Stay sharp.
Stay safe.

Want the sharpest tool in the shed?

That’s smart, because dull blades cause more accidents than sharp ones. Accusharp is focused on quick turnaround to commercial businesses that have industrial grade tools and saws that need sharpening – we help you keep up with your production and maintain the safety of your staff. We also serve residential customers who need knives and scissors sharpened. Over the years, we have built a loyal client base of cabinet, countertop, millwork shops, building contractors who need trade tools sharpened, and landscapers. 

Our pick-up and delivery service area includes:

For industrial and commercial  accounts we provide pick-up and delivery services.

Alternatively, depot for each area are listed below:

We also service remote customers from:

  • Prince George
  • 100 Mile House
  • Revelstoke
  • And all surrounding areas

Who We Serve

Our sharpening service is available to everyone. If you need a blade sharpened, whether you are a solopreneur or large landscaping firm, we invite you to call us for our sharpening services. During the COVID 19 pandemic we remain open for business and continue to pickup and deliver across a wide territory in central BC.

Plumbers and Framing Contractors

Benefit from our sharpening services by saving time and keeping their industrial equipment safe and effective. Construction workers and skilled trades individuals often cut through wood, plaster and drywall for the installation of plumbing, wiring and HVAC systems. Plumbers and electricians also use specialized tools such as hole-saws, auger bits and self-feeding bits which require sharpening maintenance. We work closely with general contractors and independent trade contractors with our saw and tool sharpening services to sync busy schedules for pick-ups and to drop off renewed equipment.

Landscape Contractors and Orchard Owners

Run equipment, from lawnmowers and brush cutters with blades, to tools that trim vines and fruit trees for crop production. If your occupation is to maintain the urban forests of the Thompson-Okanagan, or work in an orchard or vineyard, you can rely on us to pick up your tools, sharpen them and return them to your crew. Every tool that has a blade, whether carbide tipped or not, eventually becomes dull, causing fatigue and physical stress. After we renew your saws, lawnmower blades, and other tools and deliver them back to your site, your crew will work safer and more efficiently.


Define their craft with meticulous skill and provide our community with high-end, custom solutions for home cabinets, wood flooring and trim moldings. Tools of the trade depend on a sharp edge as cabinetmakers and joiners along with studio wood carvers use machine skills to manufacture wood products. Safe use of chisels and electric saws is our priority as we sharpen the tools necessary to their industry. It is our pleasure to work with the sought-after trades from the Columbia Shuswap to the Thompson-Okanagan, from the Central Interior to Northern B.C.

Saw Sharpening

One of our specialties, no matter the size. We regrind, re-tip, sharpen and modify carbide and industrial saw blades to maintain blade geometry for balance and to maximize effective cutting. After we’re done your saw will look sharp and be sharp.

    Accusharp Pickup and Delivery Service for Commercial Clients

    We will pick up your tools, saws or knives, and deliver them back to you at a convenient time so you can continue business as usual. Did you know we can deliver supplies to your shop at the same time? We have thousands of products, and our commercial supply delivery service- in combination with our tool sharpening - can streamline any project and save you time and money. Our decades of experience in this area helps business owners concentrate on the highly skilled aspects of their trade, while ensuring supplies are on hand to keep things running smoothly.

    We understand that sometimes stopping production long enough to sharpen your tools is difficult. You’ve got tight deadlines to produce, or you are in the creative zone, and pausing is not easy. However, when your blades are dull, consider our services for quick turnaround with sharp, safe tools. We know how to sharpen blades professionally for the entrepreneurs and industrial business owners on our customer list.